this work is great to find, and links to my interest in place and identity

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Really enjoyed an art event at Drefelin, Carmarthenshire curated by Jason Pinder and Simon Whitehead, “Rhôd” is artwork installed in a woodland valley and an old mill and includes sound pieces, wood and willow sculptures and a giant four poster bed among the trees, the work is by a number of artists, including Teresa Wakeling, Ed Elliot, Ben Stammers, David Cushley, Christine Cooper, Graham Dunning, Anthony Shapland, Ceri Rhys Matthews, Julie Murphy  and Andrea Buckley.

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excellent interview…

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Vernon Ah Kee, a Brisbane-based artist, is co-founding member of the Aboriginal artist collective proppaNOW. His pencil portrait ‘unwritten #8’ is on show in our exhibition Theatre of the World.

Elizabeth Mead: Why did you start a group of exclusively Aboriginal artists?

Vernon Ah Kee: One of the reasons was that, as artists, we were being largely ignored. We felt that we were making art that had something to say. But because of the context that we’re making our art in, the context that we live our lives in as Aboriginal people, and the subject matter that we wanted to talk about, we were being ignored. So we wanted to start up an artists’ group to say that we know that our ideas are valid because there are several of us who think like that. If we band together we’ll have a much more compelling voice.

EM: What…

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am collecting links with articles discussing the work of Fiona Foley as part of my research into the contributions of Australian Artists to the pursuit of post-colonialism.