OK, well the truth the whole truth and nothing but…..

Hi kvswaterline here again.

Well, I got the phone call from genesis.  a very kind sounding woman called Krystle from Pheonix arizona rang.  we got chatting about how my website needed to be ‘niche’ and user-friendly. The she said the skills to do that could either be bought, or I could learn them myself.
I was still with her, but waiting for the sting.
Then it came.  Genesis has all the knowledge and skills I need to get 4,000 per month doing very little.  It WILL cost me time and some money, but it will be worth it almost straight away….

hmm.  there it was.   Free income?  
I politely explained that I was not in a position to be paying for any training of any kind, nor any embellishments to the site…
She very politely said ” Oh, ok then, I wish you all the best. Have a good day” and she was gone.

I’m betting I won’t be getting any more calls.!!

 I acknowledge elders, past and present, as custodians and owners of this land and it’s riches. I pay my respects to current elders, our indigenous brothers and sisters, and offer my apology for the invasion, the related atrocities, and the injustices of the past and present begun by bad decisions made by colonialist powerbrokers.


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