Trying to make money online…. scam or cram??

Hi kvswaterline here again.

Hey, well my need to make money won out over my sensible head. I’ve started up an online sales portal – linked through a group called ‘genesis consulting’ and amazon.   I guess I don’t really think it’ll work, but I hope it will.

Not off to a good start tho.  After being up till about 2am putting the darn site together, they rang me from US at 8am!  SO not cool! Still, when I said it’s too early, they agreed to call me back in 2 hours.  Waiting for that call now. we’ll see I guess…..

I acknowledge elders, past and present, as custodians and owners of this land and it’s riches. I pay my respects to current elders, our indigenous brothers and sisters, and offer my apology for the invasion, the related atrocities, and the injustices of the past and present begun by bad decisions made by colonialist powerbrokers.

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