some known and some believed "facts"…

my grandmother, Violet May Mountney / Parker, (nee Neale), was born in Melbourne’s inner suburbs in 1905.   She is photographed with her first three children and her brother Frank (Francis) in Fitzroy as a young woman.  She died towards the end of 1982.  Her address at that time was 2 Austins Road, Seaford, Victoria.
Violet’s Mother, Mabel Edith Canavan, married Edgar Neale.

Violet was the eldest of 5 siblings:  after her came Francis, then Alice, Eileen and Margaret.  Their Father died from ‘plague’  ‘under the dome’ of the Royal Exhibition Buildings when she was about 14, on or about 1920.   (The Plague: the spanish influenza most likely, had led to the use of the exhibition buildings as a quarantine facility…)

Violet’s mother  Mabel then married (unknown) Hyde.  Together they had a son, George.

Violet was always a strong believer in the anglican faith her mother had given her.  In her middle and latter years she became more and more active in the church, through the mother’s union and local church activities…


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