Going back through the Neal and Canavan lines. (maternal sides)

Been busy. Lots of bits adding up.

Edgar French Neal born 26 December 1869 at 54 Forest Street West, Eastern Hill.   (BDM reference, 2323)
His Father, Henry French Neal was a civil servant, was 30 years,  born in London England.
His mother, Eleanor Emma Neal (born Sands) was 26 years, born in London England.  The two were married 0n 13 July 1861 in Kyneton, Vic. Edgar was preceeded by 4 siblings, Mary Ann French Neal -7 years, Henry George French Neal, dead, William French Neal, dead, Francis Edward French Neal, 22 months.

Then Edgar French Neal married Mabel Edith Canavan on 26th November 1902 at the Methodist church at 234 Johnston St Fitzroy.  Mabel’s address prior to the wedding is listed as 186 Park St Abbotsford, and her Father, David Canavan, is listed as giving consent to the marriage. Edgar was listed as living in Collingwood at the time. (Vic BDM reference 2266)

There is then some confusion at the moment around the death record at Vic BDM (ref 1365, March 17th 1947) of Edgar French Neal.
#1. there is no mention of his marriage at 31 to Mabel Edith Canavan,
#2. there is no mention of the children of that marriage (including Violet, my nan, in 1905), and
#3. the family story goes that Neal was killed around 1920, ‘under the dome’ of the exhibition buildings from the spanish flu epidemic, known at the time as the plague. This death is nearly 30 years later, in Mornington.  Perhaps I have not yet got the death record of the correct Neal.