Hi karenVsandon here again.


My Anglo-Saxon indigenous heritage..

Been researching ‘indigenous’ england…. Been reading about the Saxons, and about the social movement from land based worshipers (ie gods of sun, rain etc) to including astrological gods. Watched ‘A History of Ancient Britain’ on SBS tonight with presenter Neil Oliver.

Tonight, the third of four episodes was about the stone age, the development of stone circles, and the development of stone tombs… all interesting.

Before Christianity came in 1066, the Anglo-Saxons saw themselves as part of the land, part of the animals and forests, part of the environment.

According to Oliver, the creation of stone circles to worship the winter solstice and pay respects to the dead and past elders also seems to have heralded spiritual development to incorporate the cosmos into their beliefs and awareness, and the creation of artworks / symbolism like the tripple spiral, which was to become a key symbol to the Irish Celts.

…and for 2012….

Hello fellow artists.. 🙂  karenVsandon here again.  Hope you’ve all had a happy and rewarding New Year’s Eve as a sign of lots of great happenings in 2012.  Some say the world’s going to end; I say we’d better enjoy it then right now!

It’s going to be a year of change and movement for me, I can feel it.  I’m enrolled with Monash Uni Gippsland Centre for Art and Design to do honours in Print-Making.

My website is moving along, albeit a bit slowly, and I’ve taken the decision to post my most recent work on my Fb page.

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catch you soon!