I am a fine artist practising in Bass Coast Shire, 
near Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. 
I have variously been called a photographer, sculptor, 
and print maker. I work with whatever makes sense to 
tell the story I'm telling. I am interested in 
identity, culture, environment and community

I work in:
Printmaking: -linocuts, copperplate, woodblocks, 
              Intaglio and Relief processes
Photography: -digital and darkroom, mostly darkroom, 
Sculpture:   -(found objects), acrylics and pastels.
In my work I'm looking at identity and place, our 
relationship to the planet and the landscape as a 
metaphor for our future.  I'm moved by the horrors of 
war, the devastation we wreck on each other and the land.  
I am challenged to make work about peace and beauty.
I've been taking photos since I was about 10, with my 
dad's old Luxor fully manual 35mm. My first camera after 
that (age 20) was a Nikon FG20 35mm, which I still use. 
I began using digital cameras 12 years ago, for 
documentation mostly. I'm now working with a Nikon D200, 
acquired a Mamiya RB67 Pro S medium format monster.
I began a long-term collaboration with 
Patrice Muttaymiles Mahoney in 2010, continuing my 
exploration of contemporary white identity in the context 
of Indigenous Australian experience.  The collaboration 
produced it’s first outcomes in Feb - May 2011, culminating 
in an interactive installation -“emanate” - as part of the 
Creative Gippsland Festival, shown at Archie’s On The Creek, 
South Gippsland, in May & June 2011.

In June & July 2011 I exhibited with 3 other artists in 
“Mindful Things” at La Trobe Regional Gallery, Morwell.
I am currently completing my Honours year, and am framing 
my question for a Masters (Practice-Based Research) 
proposal for 2013 looking at the prehistory of the British 
Military Colonists first sent to Australia from England. 

I am woking on this in Artist Prints 
as the exploration continues!

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